Two Sustainable Playground Surfaces

Two Sustainable Playground Surfaces

Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the modern-day world without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Although an old concept with a new term, sustainability is an important topic composed of three pillars that concentrate on the environment, economy, and population.

When planning the construction of a playground, it’s important to use materials and processes which are as environmentally friendly as possible. And, there are several ways in which you can do this! Starting from literally the ground-up, playground surfaces are one of the first sustainable choices to consider when constructing a playground.

At Florida Playgrounds, we offer two primary types of playground surfacing solutions guaranteed for sustainability. These options range from budget-friendly materials that require replenishment and more maintenance and a more permanent option with a heftier price tag, but many more benefits.

Loose-Fill Playground Surfacing

Offering a cost-effective, traditional playground look and feel are loose-fill materials known as engineered wood fiber – or wood chips. This surface offers excellent shock-absorbing properties when installed and maintained properly. They perform similarly to regular wood chips and also provide the same look. However, the improvement is that they are produced in a controlled environment, consisting of an organic makeup.

Traditional, real wood chips are often mixed with other materials such as sticks and twigs, making the final product inconsistent and unsafe for children. Our engineered wood chips allow you to eliminate the small materials and ensure a sustainable surface for your playground. It is notable that selecting this surface may seem more cost-effective in the beginning, but because of the organic makeup, the mulch will need to be replaced every two-to-three years.

Unitary Playground Surfacing

Unitary playground surfaces have a more expensive up-front cost than loose-fill materials. However, the upkeep on these products is considerably less and they are much more durable than engineered wood fiber. Unitary playground surfaces are smooth, seamless, uniform surfaces like:

  • Rubber Pour-In-Place surfacing
  • Bonded Rubber
  • Synthetic Turf

Rubber pour-in place surfacing is a popular option for playgrounds due to the many benefits, two of them being flexibility and accessibility. The rubber is simply poured right on-site of the playground with little to no surface prep and can include a large, and impressive, range of designs with a wide palette of colors. Another popular unitary playground surface is the visually appealing, low-maintenance, and easily manageable synthetic turf.

With many great options to consider, the choice is ultimately up to you. Based on your budget and the vision you have for the playground, one of the two options above offers exactly what you need.

Florida Playgrounds is a family owned business that strives to bring quality, value, and safety through sustainable materials. We’re a full-service playground company with more than 15 years of experience that offers a full line of products and services ranging from playgrounds equipment, shaded structures, safety surfaces, outdoor amenities and playground planning.

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