Site Furnishings Florida


At Florida Playgrounds,  we have been distributing quality equipment to South Florida for years.  We use quality commercial products and specialize in the installation of commercial grade park equipment.  We choose products for any situation you could imagine.  Preschools, elementary schools, multi-family housing, churches, and daycare centers are only a few of the many channels we have supplied and installed equipment for.


Florida Playgrounds will assist you in choosing the best equipment for your environment.

We offer thousands of different types of site furnishings to accent your parks and playgrounds. Here are several of the items we offer:

•    Bike racks
•    Cafe Outdoor Seating
•    Commercial Grade Pool Furniture
•    Commercial Outdoor Chairs
•    Commercial Outdoor Seating
•    Plastic Outdoor Tables and Chairs
•    Commercial Site Furnishings
•    Commercial Bike Racks
•    Commercial Grade Outdoor Furniture
•    Commercial Outdoor Benches
•    Commercial Picnic Tables
•    Recycled Plastic Benches
•    Recycled Plastic Tables
•    Trash Receptacles
•    Outdoor Furniture for Playgrounds
•    Landscape Benches
•    Outdoor Bike Racks
•    Outdoor Cafe Tables and Chairs
•    Commercial Pool Furniture
•    Hospitality Outdoor Furniture
•    Outdoor School Furniture
•    Trash Receptacles for Parks
•    Playground Seating

With the variety and number of options available, we’ll be able to choose the best solutions for you based on:

  • Durability
  • Architectural appeal
  • Price
  • Site layout
  • Functionality

Park Benches Florida


  • Park Tables
  • Benches
  • Trash  Receptacles
  • Bicycle Racks
  • BBQ Grills
  • Basketball Hoops and Posts
  • Tennis Nets and Posts
  • Flag Poles
  • Bleachers

With our wide array of products we know that we can provide an appealing environment for everybody.  Let us provide the best products on the market to allow that to happen.


Our top quality manufacturers include:

  • SRP Site Amenities
  • SRP Shelters
  • Kaypark
  • Ultrasite
  • Frog Furnishings
  • Thomas Steele Site Furnishings
  • SRP Shade
  • Dero Bike Racks
  • And many more!

Our wide array of manufacturers allows us to offer one of the largest selection of products available anywhere!  Why order from multiple vendors when you can get everything that you need through us?  There is no need to go searching on multiple websites to find the single product you need.

Give us a call on 800.715.7617, or use the contact page on our website to find out more information about Site Furnishings.