Florida Playgrounds is very proud to say that we use Superior Shade, Inc. for all of our commercial shade structures. We provide a wide range of products, designs, and shapes for virtually every type of playground and outdoor situation no matter the size, shape or location.


Florida Playgrounds offers Commercial Shade Structures, Shade Sails, and Commercial Umbrellas.



Shade structures help keep a playground shaded and help protect against the Sun’s rays and keep the equipment cool in really hot weather as playground equipment can get pretty hot pretty quickly. Florida Playgrounds is proud to say that we use Superior Shade, Inc. for all of our commercial shade structures. Superior Shade, Inc. are among the top of their field and help us provide a wide range of products, designs and shapes for pretty much every playground and outdoor situation no matter how big it is, and no matter where it is.


  • Increased protection against UVA and UVB rays, which lowers the risk of children developing skin cancer
  • The playground is kept a lot cooler; ambient temperatures are down by 20-30 degrees and the temperature of the equipment itself goes down by as much as 50-60 degrees.
  • Each shade structure is engineered to meet local building requirements and stay within regulations
  • Our shade structures can be integrated into already existing parks as well as being part of parks we design from scratch
  • We use Glide-Elbow technology. This means that the structures we make have covers that can be removed at a moment’s notice to help protect against severe weather damage, such as from hurricanes
  • The Shade Sail has a span of up to 75’ thanks to our Monotec fabric meaning we can cover a large area for less
  • We have a range of different designs available to our customers. If you’re interested in all the different designs available then make sure to stop by the office and see us in person
  • All of our shade structures are designed in-house at an ISO 9001:2000 registered manufacturing facility


A shade structure means that the kids are safer from the elements and keeping the park cool also helps the park in general. Lower temperatures mean that less of a toll is taken on the playground equipment. Hot temperatures cause metal playground equipment to warp and become damaged. Having a cooler playground means this is less likely to happen. Warped equipment also puts the children at risk as well as increasing maintenance costs.

Shade Structures prevent a lot of problems from occurring in your park and are a huge benefit to have. They’re well worth the cost, which isn’t as high as you’d think in the first place. It’s an investment worth making for the sake of the safety of your park and the children that use it.


Florida Playgrounds offers the following types of shade sails and shade structures to help comfort your kids, parents, diners, club members, and swimmers.

•   Playground Shade
•   Sail Canopy
•   10×10 Shade Canopy
•   Picnic Shade Structures
•   Pool Shade Structures
•   Steel Shade Structures
•   Sun Shade Structures
•   Shade Structure Ideas
•   Cantilever Shade Structures
•   Dugout Style Shade Structures
•   Hexagon Shade Structures
•   Umbrella Shade Structures
•   Engineered Shade Structures
•   Restaurant Shade
•   Sail Shade Structures
•   Sun Shade Canopy
•   Commercial Shade Canopy



Give us a call on 800.715.7617, use the contact page on our website, or stop by our Florida office today to find out more information about Shade Structures and inquire about getting one built.