Four Aspects of Providing Great Playgrounds

Four Aspects of Providing Great Playgrounds

At Florida Playgrounds, we understand the process of estimating, implementing and installing playground equipment in public areas and elsewhere. We deal with churches, hospitals, homeowners’ associations, municipalities and other types of customers to get modern, safe installations properly set up on site. We also help with dog parks and other kinds of public installations.

Here’s part of how we approach every project.

Handling the Costs of a Playground Project

We know that playground equipment costs are sky-high in terms of the average budget. So we keep an eye on costs, and try to offer the most affordable alternatives. That’s true whether it’s taxpayer money, or institutional funds, which may be partly in the form of donations, or a request from a community to have this type of public installation without excessive cost.

Safety Comes First in Playground Design

Safety is the name of the game. We present the specs of all our products for full transparency into compliance with safety standards. We also consult with our customers on specific safety needs – we detail the use of soft media for ground surfacing, and we take care to look at all of the potential for injury when we do risk mitigation and design playground areas accordingly.

Stay in the Shade!

The Florida summers can be exceedingly hot, and it’s easy for many of us to burn when we go outside.

In the old days, there wasn’t as much of a focus on sun safety. But at Florida Playgrounds, we are keenly aware of the dangers of having insufficient shade in a public area such as a playground.

Aside from looking at incidents of physical injury from falls or tripping, it’s important for stakeholders to look at sun safety. Too much exposure to sun can have other consequences beside sunburn; it can lead to:

  • Dehydration
  • Heatstroke
  • Risk of topical cancers
  • Heat exhaustion

That’s why we take care to engineer sufficient shade into every project.

Repairing Aging Systems

The importance of repair to existing installations is not lost on us. You’ll see that after we do the initial install, we stay with the customer to provide support and effective repair for installations when there’s a problem. This is extremely important to many of our clients as their needs and their leadership may change over time.

Take a look at everything that Florida Playgrounds offers for customers, with an eye toward safety and quality design and implementation. We are certified, licensed and bonded, and we have the skill and experience to lead on these types of projects. Let us help to make your ideas into reality and create useful systems for the public good.