Experience a Greener World, with Synthetic Turf from Florida Playgrounds!

School_Playground_fullWelcome to Florida Playgrounds, providing you with all the tools you need for a superior synthetic turf product and installation. Florida Playgrounds has a complete range of high-caliber synthetic turf.  All of our products come from the highest quality of manufacturing facilities, and is all manufactured here in the USA. But who we are extends far beyond our products. We supply premium materials and use our extensive installation experience to do your project right from children’s playgrounds to your back home landscape. Florida Playgrounds  is home to the standard-setting professionals in the synthetic turf industry.

With our selection of turf  and expertise in artificial grass, we lead the way in installing artificial Playground Turf, or any play, Pet Turf area, home landscape or putting turfs. Supplying synthetic driving range materials, creating state of the art landscape projects, building safer, more durable playgrounds, and engineering indoor sports facilities. Anything you want to do with artificial turf, we can do!

We stand behind our products and each of our loyal customers 100%, continuously offering our family of customers  the most extensive support possible.